Flexible access to trained Salesforce experts to support your growth

Are you looking for new strengths for your team of Salesforce experts and consultants? Do you want your organization to get more out of Salesforce and use your internal system more effectively, productively and smartly? Do you want to ensure your future growth with new, able practitioners and up-and-coming TrailBlazers?

Through Salesforce Academy you can find a professional for your company with a strong grasp of how to exploit the whole Salesforce platform to empower sales, customer management, and customer experience.

Salesforce Academy is a recruiting training program that Salesforce partners and customers can use to recruit and train new staff for various needs:

  • key user and maintenance roles
  • training and development roles
  • business or technical application consultant roles
  • sales roles

The Salesforce Academy carried out earlier this year was extremely successful for companies and participants alike. In total, 14 new experts were trained for the Salesforce ecosystem, and 93% of them were recruited by companies at the end of the program. The participants were very happy with the success of the training as a whole, giving a feedback rating of 4.6/5.

The program participants will work full-time in your company for six months and will receive extremely comprehensive Salesforce training consisting of both classes and the broad Salesforce Trailhead e-learning package. The program aims to see participants earn Salesforce Administration certification. The training also focuses on sales, marketing, and customer experience to facilitate seamless cooperation with the aid of Salesforce, as well as developing mastery of solution sales, consulting, presentation and interactive skills, and change management.

Let’s get together – join us in choosing the brightest Salesforce start of the future for you!

Salesforce Academy starts in December 2017. Participants will be selected in November and December.

Salesforce Academy is produced in close cooperation with Salesforce, Saranen Consulting, the Uusimaa Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and TE (Labor Exchange) Services.

A risk-free recruitment path for companies

  • Make your company visible to jobseekers
  • Save time: We take care of the first round of selections from among hundreds of applicants and we present the most suitable, evaluated candidates for your needs. Your company makes the final choice and commits to the program only if/when you find a suitable person.
  • The person you choose will work full-time at your company during the program, as well as participating in broad, expert-led training.
  • After the program, you will have a readily oriented and trained practitioner with whom you can sign an employment contract without additional costs. In this way, the program is also a good way to prepare for your future needs.
  • It is a risk-free, cost effective recruitment channel (a training contract is signed for the duration of the program).

Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

Mikko Myllykoski, +358 40 052 6227, mikko.myllykoski@saranen.fi


Salesforce Academy in a nutshell:

  • Six-month recruitment program from December 13, 2017 to June 14, 2018
  • A 26-day, comprehensive Salesforce Customer Success expert training package + Trailhead e-learning offering to develop expertise
  • Highly regarded certification of your professional skills – the Salesforce Administration certification
  • The aim is a permanent position in a Salesforce partner/client company
  • A unique opportunity to get involved in the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Awesome experiences from the first Salesforce Academy:
    • 93% of participants found a new job after the program!
    • Overall, participant rated the success of the program 4.6/5
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Applicants, ask me more!
Lotta Tuoriniemi
Project Manager (calling times Mon, Tue, Fri 9-11 am)
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Companies, ask me more!
Mikko Myllykoski
Sales Manager
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Huikea mahdollisuus verkostoitua

"Kokonaiskokemus Salesforce Academysta on erittäin hyvä. Parasta ohjelmassa oli tavata uusia ihmisiä, joilla on niin erilaiset taustat sekä huikea mahdollisuus verkostoitua, koulutuksia unohtamatta. Mielestäni ohjelma sopii kaikille, jotka ovat vähänkään kiinnostuneet IT-alasta sekä erilaisista järjestelmistä

Tällä hetkellä toimin Salesfore Administratorina, ja päätehtävinäni ovat datan huolto ja ylläpito sekä markkinointitiimin avustaminen Salesforceen liittyvissä asioissa."

Johanna Rintala, Salesforce Administrator, OpusCapita

We are extremely satisfied

“Our Salesforce consulting efforts are growing strongly and we are constantly looking for new experts for our teams. The high-quality Salesforce program from Saranen gives motivated participants the tools they need to bring their know-how up to date for this growing field, as well as offering them valuable practical work experience. We are extremely satisfied with our new consultant who has just started her Salesforce career, and we’re involved in the program this year, too.”

Markku Laukka, Accenture Cloud First Applications, Lead Consultant