Fingertip Ltd

Junior & Senior Developer / Consultant

Fingertip is an online decision making application, designed for enterprise use, built on the growing platform. From our office in Punavuori Helsinki, we are working to change the way organizations globally make decisions.

We are now looking for 2 technical skills to join our team and be part of the Fingertip growth. You will be in an interesting position working closely with sales, marketing and product development. This position will give you the chance to work in an inspiring environment for one of the leading Salesforce Lightning applications.

At Fingertip we use our own application for our work. This means you will join a decision driven company and see first-hand how Fingertip empowers employees to take accountability.

We are now looking for junior and senior technical minded skills to join our team to support our implementation for our growing customer base. We need someone, who can grow into a Salesforce Lightning Developer and is interested in UX. The other person is more technology adoption oriented Consultant, ensuring customers are actually using the products we develop and also able to train and make difficult concepts easily understandable.

Needed & wished:

  • consultative selling & training skills AND / OR
  • ability to learn Salesforce coding & development

And for both

  • passion for technology, creative thinker and problem solver
  • sales mindset and goal oriented person
  • good social and communication skills
  • organization and business understanding
  • project management skills
  • adaptability, flexibility and self-motivation
  • love for details and quality
  • fluency in English, fluency in Finnish or any other Scandinavian language is a plus
  • experience in B2B sales, SaaS experience a plus

 “Join a decision driven company and experience first-hand, how Fingertip empowers employees to take accountability!”

Milla Nevanlinna
Partner, Director





For more information:

Salesforce Academy in a nutshell:

  • Six-month recruitment program from December 13, 2017 to June 14, 2018
  • A 26-day, comprehensive Salesforce Customer Success expert training package + Trailhead e-learning offering to develop expertise
  • Highly regarded certification of your professional skills – the Salesforce Administration certification
  • The aim is a permanent position in a Salesforce partner/client company
  • A unique opportunity to get involved in the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Awesome experiences from the first Salesforce Academy:
    • 93% of participants found a new job after the program!
    • Overall, participant rated the success of the program 4.6/5
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”Salesforcen Ohana: maailmanlaajuinen laajennettu perhe”

Miksi nyt kannattaa hypätä Salesforcen kelkkaan? Mitä Salesforcen Ohanaan eli yhteisöön kuuluminen parhaimmillaan on? Lue vastaukset vierasblogitekstistä.

Applicants, ask me more!
Lotta Tuoriniemi
Project Manager (calling times Mon, Tue, Fri 9-11 am)
044 337 9936

Companies, ask me more!
Mikko Myllykoski
Sales Manager
040 052 6227

Huikea mahdollisuus verkostoitua

"Kokonaiskokemus Salesforce Academysta on erittäin hyvä. Parasta ohjelmassa oli tavata uusia ihmisiä, joilla on niin erilaiset taustat sekä huikea mahdollisuus verkostoitua, koulutuksia unohtamatta. Mielestäni ohjelma sopii kaikille, jotka ovat vähänkään kiinnostuneet IT-alasta sekä erilaisista järjestelmistä

Tällä hetkellä toimin Salesfore Administratorina, ja päätehtävinäni ovat datan huolto ja ylläpito sekä markkinointitiimin avustaminen Salesforceen liittyvissä asioissa."

Johanna Rintala, Salesforce Administrator, OpusCapita

We are extremely satisfied

“Our Salesforce consulting efforts are growing strongly and we are constantly looking for new experts for our teams. The high-quality Salesforce program from Saranen gives motivated participants the tools they need to bring their know-how up to date for this growing field, as well as offering them valuable practical work experience. We are extremely satisfied with our new consultant who has just started her Salesforce career, and we’re involved in the program this year, too.”

Markku Laukka, Accenture Cloud First Applications, Lead Consultant